Morocco Elected to Head the General Secretariat of the African Prosecutors Association and to Host Its Permanent Headquarters

Morocco has been elected to lead the General Secretariat of the African Prosecutors Association (APA) during the General Assembly of this African body, held on Wednesday in Marrakech on the sidelines of the 17th APA Congress.

The Executive Committee of the APA also approved the establishment of the APA’s permanent headquarters in Morocco, reinforcing the kingdom’s role in African judicial cooperation.

The presidency of the APA was entrusted to Kenya for a renewable two-year term, succeeding Egypt, while Zambia took over the treasury position. The General Assembly was attended by notable figures including Hassan Daki, the King’s Attorney General at the Court of Cassation and President of the Public Prosecution, Mohamed Chaouki, the outgoing president of the APA, as well as heads of public prosecutions from various African countries.

This 17th congress, continuing until July 12, began its work by examining and adopting decisions from the APA Executive Committee meeting, aimed at promoting the work of public prosecutions across the continent and strengthening cooperation between these institutions.

The congress also includes an international seminar scheduled for Thursday and Friday on the theme “The Role of Justice in Combating Environmental Crime.” The seminar agenda features sessions on “The National and International Legal Framework for Environmental Protection,” “Best Practices in Combating Environmental Crime,” and “The Role of Justice in Environmental Protection.”

The 17th APA Congress brings together 88 participants, including prosecutors and magistrates from public prosecutions of 34 African countries, as well as representatives and experts from various organizations and bodies such as the International Organization for Migration, the European Network of Environmental Agencies, the Council of Europe, the International Association of Prosecutors, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the Administrative Tribunal of the African Union.

This event is considered a significant step in strengthening African judicial cooperation and Morocco’s role as a key player in this field. The election of Morocco to head the General Secretariat and the decision to establish the permanent headquarters in the country underscore Morocco’s growing influence in African legal affairs and its commitment to fostering continental collaboration in the justice sector.

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