Morocco Enters Global Medical Cannabis Market with First Exports to Switzerland

In a historic move, Morocco has made its first export of cannabis for medical purposes to Switzerland, marking a promising start for the kingdom’s entry into a global market estimated at around $50 billion annually.

According to available information, a quintal (100 kilograms) of the product was exported at a price ranging between $1,400 and $1,800 per kilogram. This step is considered the beginning of Morocco’s participation in a growing global industry, where the kingdom could potentially generate significant revenues if it succeeds in capturing a considerable market share.

Estimates suggest that if Morocco manages to secure one-fifth of this global market, it could achieve annual revenues of up to $10 billion, which is comparable to the country’s annual phosphate production revenues.

Enhancing Morocco’s prospects in this field is the fact that 21 countries in the European Union have legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes, opening promising markets for Moroccan products.

This development comes in the wake of Morocco’s decision to legalize the cultivation and production of cannabis for medical and industrial uses, a move aimed at regulating this sector and transforming it into a source of economic and social development.

The new sector is expected to contribute to job creation and improve farmers’ incomes in traditional cannabis-growing regions, while ensuring compliance with international standards and legal controls.

It’s worth noting that this step puts Morocco among the leading countries in the production and export of medical cannabis, which may enhance its economic position both regionally and globally.

This initiative represents a significant shift in Morocco’s agricultural and economic strategy, potentially opening new avenues for growth and international trade. The successful entry into the Swiss market could pave the way for expanded exports to other European countries, further boosting Morocco’s position in this rapidly growing industry.

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