Hyundai Rotem

Morocco Prepares for Railway Revolution with Massive Korean Collaboration

Morocco’s railway sector is witnessing an unprecedented qualitative development, with the announcement of an ambitious project aimed at radically modernizing and expanding the kingdom’s train network. According to available information, this massive project includes:

  1. Supplying Morocco with 168 of the world’s most advanced trains, distributed as follows:
    • 150 trains for intercity services, including rapid shuttle and metropolitan trains.
    • 18 high-speed trains to extend high-speed lines.
  2. Establishing a huge locomotive manufacturing plant in Morocco, with the goal of exporting to various countries worldwide.
  3. Technology transfer from South Korea’s Hyundai Rotem to Morocco, enabling the kingdom to start manufacturing Moroccan trains with local expertise in the near future.
  4. A $1.6 billion offer from Hyundai Rotem to win the contract for a high-speed train on the Kenitra-Marrakech line.

This project marks a significant step towards enhancing Morocco’s transport infrastructure and developing the local railway industry. It also opens new horizons for economic and technological cooperation between Morocco and South Korea.

The project is expected to improve transportation services for citizens and boost the local economy by creating new job opportunities and developing industries related to the railway sector. It will also put Morocco on the map of countries exporting train technology, enhancing its economic position both regionally and internationally.

It’s worth noting that this project comes within the framework of Morocco’s vision to modernize and develop its infrastructure, and strengthen its position as a regional hub for transportation and trade.

This initiative represents a major leap in Morocco’s transportation capabilities, potentially transforming the country into a key player in the global railway industry. The collaboration with Hyundai Rotem not only brings cutting-edge technology to Morocco but also paves the way for long-term economic growth and technological advancement in the region.

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