Tiznit-Dakhla Expressway

Historic Achievement: Opening of the 1055-kilometer Tiznit-Dakhla Expressway

In a significant step towards enhancing the Kingdom of Morocco’s infrastructure, the expressway project linking the cities of Tiznit and Dakhla, stretching over a distance of 1055 kilometers, has been completed.

This massive project is characterized by its advanced engineering design, including more than 1500 water structures, ensuring efficient water drainage and protecting the road from potential flood risks.

Additionally, the project includes 15 major bridges, all of which have been completed. These bridges have been opened to traffic, facilitating movement and connecting different areas more effectively.

The expressway is expected to improve connectivity between cities and the southern regions of the kingdom, which will enhance economic and social development in these areas. It will also facilitate the movement of goods and people, and encourage tourism in the southern regions.

It’s worth noting that this project is considered a significant achievement in Moroccan infrastructure and reflects the government’s commitment to developing the road network throughout the country.

In conclusion, this expressway is expected to have a significant positive impact on the daily lives of local residents and on the national economy as a whole.

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