Get ready to work in Morocco’s stadiums: FIFA opens volunteer registration for the 2030 World Cup in Morocco

As part of the preparations for hosting the 2030 World Cup, FIFA has announced the opening of registration for volunteers wishing to participate in organizing this global event. The program offers young men and women from all over Morocco the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities and fields, including event management, public relations, security, and logistics.

Program Details

Volunteer Fields:

Event Management and Organization: Participate in organizing matches and accompanying events.

Public Relations and Media: Communicate with media and audiences.

Security and Safety: Contribute to securing matches and sports facilities.

Logistics and Transportation: Support transportation and supply operations for teams and fans.

Volunteer Requirements:

Age: Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Nationality: Volunteers must hold Moroccan nationality or have a work permit in Morocco.

Experience: No prior experience is required, but a background in the mentioned fields is preferred.

Commitment: Ability to commit to specified working hours and organizational requirements.

How to Register:

Those wishing to volunteer can register via the official FIFA website through the following link: FIFA Volunteers. Registration includes filling out a form and submitting a resume and relevant certificates.

Benefits of Volunteering:

Gain New Experiences: Opportunity to acquire new skills and expand professional networks.

Participate in a Global Event: A unique experience to participate in organizing one of the world’s largest sports events.

Certificates of Appreciation: Volunteers receive certificates of appreciation from FIFA for their efforts.

Government Support:

This initiative receives significant support from local authorities in Fez, with the Governor of Fez-Meknes, Said Zniber, continuously working to ensure all necessary requirements are met and suitable conditions are prepared for the volunteers.

This program reflects FIFA and Morocco’s commitment to providing developmental opportunities for youth and contributing to the success of organizing the 2030 World Cup. Don’t miss this unique opportunity and be part of this historic event.

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