These are FIFA’s criteria for Fez stadium to host 2030 World Cup matches

The city of Fez is preparing to host 2030 World Cup matches as part of the tripartite partnership between Morocco, Portugal, and Spain. To achieve this goal, Fez stadium must comply with strict standards set by FIFA to ensure a distinctive and safe sporting experience. Here are the most prominent of these criteria:

  1. Stadium Capacity

The main stadium in Fez must have at least 40,000 seats. This number ensures accommodation for a large number of fans, enhancing the enthusiastic atmosphere of the matches.

  1. Seat Coverage

FIFA requires all seats to be covered to protect spectators from various weather conditions. This condition aims to ensure the comfort of fans and provide a comfortable viewing experience.

  1. Training Facilities

At least 4 high-quality training sites must be provided, all located near the official team hotels within a 20-minute drive. This is to ensure team comfort and provide the best conditions for training.

  1. Hotels and Accommodation

Fez must offer a variety of accommodation options including 4 and 5-star hotels, as well as diverse accommodation options such as 3-star hotels, youth hostels, and Airbnb. This ensures accommodation for all visitors and meets their different needs.

  1. Advanced Security Systems

The stadium and all sports facilities must be equipped with security systems including surveillance cameras and access control systems to ensure the safety of players and spectators. These systems help in crowd management and incident prevention.

  1. Environmental Sustainability

FIFA’s conditions include adopting sustainability practices in waste management and the use of renewable energy. Sports facilities must adhere to green designs that reduce carbon footprint and promote efficient use of natural resources.

  1. Transportation Infrastructure

Fez must have an advanced public transportation infrastructure that connects the stadium, hotels, and training sites. Additionally, there must be a nearby international airport that facilitates the arrival of teams and fans from all over the world.

  1. Government Support

Local authorities are required to provide all necessary guarantees and support to facilitate the implementation of FIFA requirements, including issuing visas, securing events, and protecting commercial rights.

Commitment of the Wali of Fez-Meknes Region

The Wali of Fez-Meknes region, Said Zniber, is working intensively to ensure all these standards are met. The Wali continues to cooperate with various concerned parties to secure necessary funding and develop infrastructure, ensuring the best possible image of the city and its potential is presented to the world.

By achieving these standards, Fez will be fully prepared to host the 2030 World Cup matches, enhancing its position as a global sports destination and ensuring an exceptional experience for all participants and fans.

Source: Fez News website

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