Taza Undergoes Comprehensive Development of Its Eastern Entrance: A Vital Project to Enhance Infrastructure and Urban Aesthetics

Taza (Morocco) – The city of Taza has recently embarked on an ambitious project to develop and upgrade its eastern entrance, in a move aimed at improving infrastructure and enhancing the urban aesthetics of the city.

Local sources reported that the project, which is the result of a partnership agreement between the Taza municipality and the Ministry of National Territory Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and City Policy, focuses on developing Bir Anzarane Street, starting from the wholesale fish market and extending to the university roundabout.

The ongoing work includes road widening and reinforcement, along with the construction of rainwater drainage channels on both sides of the road. The first part of the project, extending from the wholesale fish market to the park roundabout, has already seen significant progress.

A municipal official stated, “This project aims to improve traffic flow and enhance road safety, in addition to elevating the aesthetic level of the city.”

Future works are scheduled to include:

  • Doubling the road in both directions
  • Upgrading all vital networks such as water, electricity, and telecommunications
  • Road paving and sidewalk arrangement
  • Creating car parks and urban transport bus stops
  • Installing modern public lighting
  • Implementing vertical and horizontal signage
  • Constructing new roundabouts to improve traffic flow

Special attention will also be given to the environmental and aesthetic aspect through the creation of green spaces and planting trees along both sides of the street.

Officials expect this project to significantly contribute to improving the quality of life for Taza residents and enhancing the city’s attractiveness to both visitors and investors alike.

The project, which falls within the framework of urban rehabilitation of the city, is seen as a crucial step towards modernizing Taza’s infrastructure and preparing it for future growth and development.

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