The government approves increases in wages and compensation for national security and auxiliary forces. Starting this month

At its last meeting on Thursday, the Moroccan government approved significant increases in the wages and compensation of national security and auxiliary forces employees, in line with the increases granted to other public sector employees, according to a decree prepared by ministers in the ministry delegated to the head of the government in charge of digital transition and administration reform.

Three decrees prepared by ministers in the ministry delegated to the prime minister in charge of digital transition and administration reform revealed the details of these increases, which were approved during the last government meeting, with the aim of implementing the social dialogue agreement.

The value of the planned increase is 1000 dirhams, according to the social dialogue agreement to improve the income of employees of public administrations, territorial communities, and public institutions, and this increase was divided into two installments, where employees will receive an additional 500 dirhams per month starting July 2024, and the second installment will be paid in July 2025.

According to the three decrees signed by Interior Minister Abdelouafi Lefteit, Budget Minister Faouzi Lekjaa, and Minister of Digital Transition and Administration Reform Ghita Mazour, this increase aims to revise the statutory compensation allocated to various categories of employees, with the aim of enhancing their ability to fully benefit from the planned general increase.

Source : Fes News Media

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