Sebou Water Basin Agency Launches Awareness Campaign on Swimming Risks in Dam Lakes

The Sebou Water Basin Agency has announced the launch of a new awareness campaign for 2024 aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of swimming in dam lakes. This campaign specifically targets residents of areas adjacent to dam lakes in the Sebou basin.

The agency pointed out an increase in the number of drowning incidents in the dam lakes of the Sebou basin over recent years, especially during the summer season. The danger of these lakes lies in their depth, which can exceed 100 meters in some cases, as well as the density of their waters and the irregularity of their banks.

The campaign will kick off on Tuesday, July 16th, at the weekly market in Ain Dorij near the Al Wahda Dam. This initiative is being conducted in cooperation with local authorities, territorial communities, civil protection services, and some civil society associations.

The campaign will cover most of the dams and lakes in the basin, with the assistance of a specialized communication and awareness office. The campaign will utilize various communication methods including the distribution of awareness documents (posters, brochures, banners), animation teams and a mobile tent, promotional vehicles, loudspeakers, and awareness capsules and segments.

This campaign aims to educate local residents and visitors that dam lakes, despite their calm appearance, pose real and confirmed swimming hazards. The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of citizens during the summer season.

The Sebou Water Basin Agency emphasizes that while these lakes may appear calm and generally safe, they actually harbor significant and proven dangers. Through this campaign, they hope to sensitize both the local population living near the dam lakes and all citizens who visit these areas for recreation and relaxation about the degree of risk involved in swimming in these waters.

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