Paris 2024 Olympics

Morocco Announces its Athletic Delegation for Paris 2024 Olympics

As part of the preparations for the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Paris, the Moroccan National Olympic Committee has announced the final list of the athletic delegation that will represent the kingdom in this major global event.

The Games will take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024, with 60 Moroccan athletes participating in 19 different sports, aiming to defend their national colors and represent their country in this international sporting event.

The athletes were selected according to the approved qualification systems and based on the lists endorsed by the relevant Moroccan Royal Federations. The Moroccan National Olympic Committee has officially registered the delegation with the Organizing Committee of Paris 2024.

The Committee indicated that details of the Moroccan athletic delegation’s composition, including the official list of athletes and the initial schedule of sporting competitions, can be viewed through the attached presentation provided.

It’s worth noting that this participation comes as part of the ongoing efforts to enhance Morocco’s standing in international sporting arenas, affirming the kingdom’s commitment to supporting its athletes and representing them in the world’s largest sporting events.

This Olympic representation underscores Morocco’s dedication to athletic excellence and its ambition to make a significant impact on the global sporting stage. The diverse range of 19 sports in which Moroccan athletes will compete demonstrates the country’s broad sporting capabilities and its investment in various athletic disciplines.

As the Olympics draw nearer, the Moroccan delegation will undoubtedly intensify their preparations, carrying the hopes and aspirations of their nation. The Paris 2024 Olympics present an opportunity for these athletes to showcase their skills, determination, and the sporting spirit of Morocco on an international platform.

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