Nurses and Health Technicians Movement Issues National Statement Protesting Ministry of Health Reforms

The Nurses and Health Technicians Movement in Morocco has issued National Statement No. 05, expressing their rejection of the reforms formulated by the Ministry of Health, considering them a regression from acquired rights and a threat to the desired future of nursing.

Key points in the statement include:

  1. Criticism of current reforms that have caused the migration of nursing staff and changes in their frameworks.
  2. Emphasis on the role of nurses in facing the COVID-19 pandemic and achieving health security despite severe staff shortages.
  3. Rejection of attempts to privatize health professions and sell them in public auctions.
  4. Criticism of the implementation of regressive laws, especially Law 08.22 related to health functions and Law 09.22 regarding regional health groups.
  5. Warning against threats to health security and the smuggling of patients to private clinics.
  6. Demanding the implementation of sectoral agreements signed between the ministry, the government, and social partners.
  7. Calling for participation in protest actions called for by the union coordination.
  8. Readiness to engage in escalating forms of struggle against policies imposing a fait accompli.
  9. Demanding the implementation of all legitimate requests of nurses and health technicians, including improving their financial and professional status.

The statement concluded by affirming the continuation of the struggle for the rights of nurses and health technicians and improving their working conditions and status in the Moroccan health system.

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