Fes Prepares for 5G Technologies by 2030 as Part of World Cup Hosting Plan

Moroccan authorities have announced ambitious plans to develop the telecommunications infrastructure in the city of Fes. It is expected that the city will have access to 5G technologies by the year 2030. This announcement comes as part of Morocco’s bid to host the World Cup, recently presented to the Minister of Interior.

The plan includes several key initiatives to develop communication networks:

  • Deployment of necessary infrastructure for 5G networks, with licenses to be issued to operators by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT).
  • Improvement of connectivity in specific locations such as stadiums, under the supervision of ANRT and in collaboration with telecommunications operators.
  • Provision of free WiFi coverage in major public areas such as tourist zones, public squares, and parks, in coordination with local authorities and telecommunications operators.

These steps aim to enhance Fes’s digital infrastructure, making it ready to host a global event like the World Cup. These improvements will also enhance the city’s attractiveness to tourists and investors alike.

These plans are part of a broader national strategy to develop the telecommunications sector in Morocco and improve digital services throughout the country.

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