Sentury Group Announces Production of First Moroccan Tire in September 2024

The Chinese Sentury Group, specialized in tire manufacturing, has announced the date for producing its first Moroccan-made tire at its new factory in Morocco, scheduled to begin in September 2024.

The company described its new factory as “the most intelligent,” with a total production capacity of 12 million tires annually, far exceeding the needs of the Moroccan domestic market.

As part of the preparations for operating the factory, the Chinese company has already recruited and trained Moroccan workers, sending Moroccan employees for training at Sentury’s factory in Thailand.

This project comes as part of Morocco’s strategy to strengthen the automotive manufacturing sector and attract foreign investments in this field. The factory is expected to contribute to creating new job opportunities and boosting Moroccan exports of automotive components.

This step is considered a positive indicator of industrial growth in Morocco and its ability to attract major foreign investments in advanced manufacturing sectors.

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