Renewal of the Local Office of the National University for Education Employees in Al-Mariniyin District in Fez

Fez, Morocco – In an important union development, the National University for Education Employees, affiliated with the National Labor Union in Morocco, held a general assembly on Sunday, July 7, 2024, at the union’s headquarters in Fez. The main objective of this meeting was to renew the local office for the Al-Mariniyin district.

The meeting, held in front of Imam Ali Mosque, witnessed a serious and responsible discussion initiated by the regional secretary of the university. Participants demonstrated a deep awareness of the current challenges at national, regional, and local levels.

In an atmosphere of responsibility and brotherhood, members of the new local office were elected. The election results were as follows:

  • Local Secretary: Mohamed Ibrahimi
  • First Deputy: Youssef Al-Taam
  • Second Deputy: Badia Al-Hanawi
  • Treasurer: Ahmed Majat, and his deputy Mohamed Azzouzi
  • Rapporteur: Mariya Habib, and her deputy Lubna Karnani

Eight advisors were also chosen for the new office: Al-Fadil Al-Azizi, Naima Al-Karboubi, Dahman Al-Bouti, Mohamed Belghiti, Abdelkarim Boukhrouf, Radwan Shoaib, Najwa Al-Azraq, and Samira Mukhlis.

This renewal comes as part of the National University for Education Employees’ efforts to strengthen its union role and better represent the interests of workers in the education sector. The new office is expected to face multiple challenges in the coming period, especially in light of the rapid developments in the education sector in Morocco.

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