Fire Ignites at Ibn Sina Clinic in the Kitchen, Fire Controlled Without Human Losses

This morning, Ibn Sina Clinic in Fez witnessed a fire incident in the main kitchen, causing panic among staff and patients. Local sources reported that the fire broke out today, and soon smoke rose from the kitchen area.

Upon receiving the report, civil protection teams rushed to the scene and managed to control the flames in record time. The team evacuated the area surrounding the kitchen and secured the site to ensure that the fire did not spread to other sections of the clinic. Thanks to this quick and effective intervention, no human losses were recorded, and the damage was limited to some material losses in the kitchen.

The patients and staff at the clinic praised the swift response and professionalism of the civil protection personnel in handling the incident, confirming that their intervention prevented a larger disaster and ensured the safety of all patients and staff.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safety and fire prevention measures in public and private institutions and the necessity of adhering to safety standards to protect lives and property.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the fire and to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

Source: Fez News

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