Fez Prepares for Infrastructure Revolution: Underground Tunnels Worth 250 Million Dirhams

The Fez-Meknes Regional Council has announced an ambitious plan to develop the infrastructure in the city of Fez as part of the regional development program for 2022-2027. The most prominent feature of this program is a project to construct underground tunnels at a cost of 250 million Moroccan dirhams (25 billion centimes).

This massive project aims to alleviate traffic congestion in the old medina and improve mobility within Fez, which will contribute to enhancing the city’s attractiveness to both tourists and investors alike.

A senior official in the Regional Council stated, “This project is considered a qualitative leap in the infrastructure of Fez. It will help solve the traffic congestion problems that the city has long suffered from and will open new horizons for economic and tourism development.”

Work on this project is expected to begin next year and will be implemented in phases to ensure minimal disruption to residents’ daily lives.

It’s worth noting that this project comes as part of a comprehensive vision to develop the Fez-Meknes region, which also includes projects in education, health, and basic infrastructure across various parts of the region.

The source concluded by saying, “We are confident that this project will transform the face of Fez, making it more modern while preserving its unique historical character. It’s a big step towards a brighter future for our city and our region as a whole.”

Residents of Fez and those interested in local affairs are eagerly anticipating the start of this ambitious project, which is set to bring about a radical change in the city’s infrastructure and enhance its position as one of the most important cities in Morocco.

This development marks a significant milestone in Fez’s urban planning and is expected to have far-reaching impacts on the city’s economy, tourism sector, and quality of life for its residents.

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