Accumulation of Waste in Bensoda Market in Fez Raises Citizen Concerns and Health Fears

Fez – Correspondence received by our newspaper from esteemed readers reports a state of discontent and concern prevailing among residents of the Bensoda neighborhood in the city of Fez, due to the accumulation of large amounts of waste and its widespread dispersal in front of the fruit and vegetable market in the neighborhood.

Many citizens, including passersby, merchants, and shoppers, have expressed their strong disapproval of the current situation, pointing out that the pile-up and scattering of garbage poses a real danger to public health and the well-being of market-goers and pedestrians alike.

Citizens view this phenomenon as reflecting a noticeable decline in the level of municipal cleaning services in the city of Fez, calling for urgent intervention by local authorities and concerned parties to address this problem.

Residents of the neighborhood and those affected by this situation have launched an urgent appeal to local officials, demanding swift action to remove this waste and clean the area, in order to preserve public health and the city’s aesthetics.

Citizens hope that the competent authorities will take the necessary measures to ensure the cleanliness of markets and neighborhoods on an ongoing basis, and activate monitoring and follow-up mechanisms to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in the future.

All eyes remain on the response of the responsible authorities to these urgent demands, awaiting a radical solution to the cleanliness problem that has become a concern for the residents of the Bensoda neighborhood and visitors to its popular market.

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