Moroccan Parliament Tackles Social Media Threats and University Reforms Amidst Tragic Events

Moroccan newspapers on Friday and the weekend covered several important topics:

  1. Social Media Impact on Youth:
    MP Rachid Afilal raised concerns about the negative influence of some Moroccan social media influencers. He warned about the danger of inappropriate content on Moroccan values and identity, and highlighted the exploitation of these platforms for begging using the elderly and disabled children.
  2. New University Admission Proposals:
    Parliamentary Advisor Abdelkader Lkihel presented proposals to improve the admission process for universities. He called for more specialized criteria and dividing applicants into two categories based on their results.
  3. MP Stripped of Seat:
    “Al-Massae” newspaper reported that an MP from the National Rally of Independents party was stripped of his seat due to a bounced check case.
  4. Government Official’s Death:
    The Regional Director of Housing in Fez died in his office due to a heart attack, prompting authorities to intervene and open an investigation into the incident.
  5. Investigation into Educational Matter:
    A central committee began an investigation into a case of a teacher benefiting from the national transfer movement using allegedly fraudulent documents.
  6. Calls for Reptile Bite Treatments:
    MP Nozha Miqdad called on the Minister of Health to provide necessary antidotes for scorpion and snake bites, especially in high-risk areas like the Tinghir province.

This summary encompasses various aspects of Moroccan political and social life, from parliamentary debates on modern issues to tragic events and calls for improved healthcare in rural areas.

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