Shocking Kidnapping in Costa del Sol: Two Frenchmen Arrested for Torturing Moroccan Man

Spanish police announced on Thursday the arrest of two French nationals who have been placed in pre-trial detention. The suspects are accused of kidnapping and torturing a Moroccan citizen in Malaga, southern Spain, allegedly partially cutting off the victim’s ear to obtain a ransom.

According to a police statement, the two men, aged 39 and 43, were apprehended in Spain and France following a months-long investigation. They face charges of kidnapping, torture, and possession of military weapons.

The statement revealed that the suspects allegedly held the Moroccan national captive for 11 days in April 2023 at a farm in Torrox, a village on the Costa del Sol in Malaga province. They demanded a ransom of 1.4 million euros from the victim’s family.

Police reported that during his captivity, the kidnappers cut off part of the victim’s ear, subjected him to numerous beatings, and deprived him of food, only providing water “on rare occasions.” The victim was eventually released in an isolated area of the region.

Authorities were alerted by the victim’s family after receiving a video showing him gagged, with his feet and hands bound by cables, and his face covered in bruises. Police traced the main suspect and arrested him at a coastal resort on the Costa del Sol.

In the suspect’s home, police discovered an AK47 assault rifle, three pistols, and numerous rounds of ammunition. The second suspect, believed to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping, was arrested on April 30 in Paris. He was subject to an arrest warrant and an extradition request from the Spanish judiciary.

The Costa del Sol, renowned for its beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts, has become a hotspot for international drug traffickers and has recently seen an increase in violent settling of scores, causing concern among authorities.

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