The Case of the “Forest Monster” Crimes Reaches International Attention: What Arab Newspapers Published with Audio and Video (Videos)

In a significant security development, Moroccan authorities have arrested the main suspect in a series of serious crimes that caused terror in the Ain Chkef area of Fes. Dubbed the “Forest Monster,” the suspect systematically targeted women, committing thefts and rapes under the threat of a bladed weapon.

Fes News was the first to cover the arrest operation with audio and video four days ago, thanks to precise intelligence provided by the General Directorate of National Territory Surveillance. This security achievement is a significant blow to crime and a crucial step towards restoring security and peace of mind to the area’s residents.

This case has gone beyond Morocco’s borders, garnering wide media attention at the Arab and international levels. Prominent news channels like Sky News Arabia and Al-Ain News highlighted the details of the case, reflecting the severity of the crimes committed and the importance of apprehending the suspect.

Sky News video link:

It is worth mentioning that the suspect was using the dense Ain Chkef forest as a refuge. However, coordination between various security and intelligence agencies ultimately resulted in locating and arresting him.

Initial reports indicate that the suspect committed a large number of thefts and rapes, making his capture a significant achievement in combating crime and protecting citizens, especially women, in the area.

Intensive investigations are expected to begin with the suspect in the coming days to uncover more details of his crimes and determine whether he acted alone or was part of a wider criminal network.

This case underscores the importance of cooperation between different security and intelligence agencies in combating crime. It also highlights the need to strengthen security measures in remote areas and forests to ensure the safety of citizens.

From the site: Fes News

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