Significant Progress in the Construction of the New Train Station in Taza

The city of Taza is witnessing significant progress in the construction of the new generation train station, with the overall completion rate reaching 75 percent. This ambitious project, which is a result of a partnership between the Taza Municipality and the National Railway Office, covers a total area of 26,600 square meters, including 1,607 square meters of covered space.

This new station features a modern design and advanced services, including a service area, a first-class taxi station, and an integrated service station. These facilities are expected to enhance the travel experience and facilitate passenger movement.

The aim of this vital project is to enhance the quality of railway infrastructure in the city of Taza, which will improve connectivity between the city and other regions of the Kingdom. The project is also expected to create spatial dynamics and economic activity in the areas surrounding the station, contributing to the stimulation of the local economy and the creation of new job opportunities.

This new station reflects the commitment of local and national authorities to developing transportation infrastructure in the city and enhancing its position as an important link in the national railway network. As the completion of the works approaches, the residents of Taza and the surrounding areas look forward to benefiting from this vital facility, which will improve their quality of life and ease their mobility.

From the site: Fes News

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