Morocco to participate with a reserve team in the 2025 Arab Cup due to the crowded football calendar

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation has decided to participate with the reserve team in the upcoming edition of the Arab Cup, scheduled to be held in Qatar during November and December 2025. This decision comes as a result of the tournament coinciding with other important dates in the international football calendar.

Maghreb and African teams face a significant challenge due to overlapping schedules, as the final two rounds of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers are set to take place in November 2025. Shortly after, specifically on December 21 of the same year, the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations, which will be hosted by Morocco, will commence.

Complicating matters further, the final match of the Arab Cup will be held just three days before the start of the African tournament, putting additional pressure on teams participating in both events.

Under these circumstances, the decision of the Moroccan Federation to send the reserve team to the Arab Cup appears to be a strategic option aimed at maintaining the readiness of the main players for the more important commitments, which are the World Cup qualifiers and the Africa Cup of Nations.

It is expected that other North African teams will make similar decisions to deal with this congestion in the football calendar, which may affect the technical level of the upcoming edition of the Arab Cup.

Attention remains focused on how football federations and teams will handle this logistical challenge and whether changes will be made to the tournament dates to avoid such overlaps in the future.

From the site: Fes News

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