A parliamentary representative questions the Minister of Tourism about the exclusion of Taza from the national tourism map

Parliamentary representative Fadwa Mohsen Al-Hayani, a member of the Haraki team in the Moroccan House of Representatives, addressed a written question to the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, and Social and Solidarity Economy regarding the exclusion of Taza province from the national tourism map.

In her question, the representative pointed out that despite the tourist qualifications of the Taza province, which include a diverse natural and cultural heritage and a rich stock of caves, the province suffers from marginalization and has been excluded from the national tourism map.

Al-Hayani clarified that this exclusion includes the non-inclusion of Taza in national and international tourism agencies, airports, promotional advertisements, and even from the official website of the National Tourism Office.

The representative questioned the reasons behind the exclusion of this province from the national tourism map and promotional advertisements, inquiring if there is a plan to address this exception and include Taza within the national tourism strategy.

Al-Hayani also demanded the enhancement of tourist sites that deserve development and raising awareness of their tourist potential in Taza province.

This parliamentary question comes within the framework of legislative oversight over government work, aiming to shed light on the touristically marginalized areas despite their natural and cultural potential.

From the site: Fes News

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