Shocking Murder of Apartment Guard Rocks Casablanca’s Maarif Neighborhood, Police Intensify Efforts to Unravel Mystery

CASABLANCA, Morocco – A horrific murder of an apartment guard has shaken the upscale Maarif neighborhood in Casablanca, sending shockwaves of fear and anxiety among residents.

The crime was discovered last Monday afternoon, when the victim’s body was found bloodied inside his workroom in a building on Mohammed Zerktouni Street.

Upon receiving the report, police units from the Judicial, Technical, and Scientific Police rushed to the scene to examine it and collect evidence. The Anfa Security District Judicial Police immediately launched a wide-ranging investigation to uncover the circumstances of the incident.

As part of the ongoing investigation, fingerprints were lifted from the scene and surveillance footage from nearby cameras was reviewed in an attempt to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators who managed to escape after committing their crime.

Informed sources revealed that initial investigations have shown conflicting information regarding the circumstances of the guard’s murder, prompting security authorities to expand the circle of suspicion to include those close to the victim and individuals who may have had a dispute with him.

On the instructions of the public prosecutor, the victim’s body was transferred to the morgue for a thorough autopsy, which is expected to provide crucial information about the causes and circumstances of death.

The Judicial Police is relying on the results of technical and scientific analyses, in addition to the autopsy report, to help unravel the mystery of this heinous crime that has shaken the upscale neighborhood and raised fears among residents.

While the investigation continues at an intensive pace, residents of Maarif have called for increased security measures in the area to prevent such tragic incidents from happening in the future.

All eyes are now on the efforts of the Judicial Police to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice as soon as possible, in a case that has shaken local public opinion and raised questions about the motives behind this horrific crime.

Source: Fes News

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