Fez – A stray dog attack on a citizen in the Tariq neighborhood

Eyewitnesses said that the victim suffered injuries of varying severity as a result of the attack, necessitating his transfer to the hospital for necessary treatment. This incident once again highlights the urgent need to find effective solutions to the problem of stray dogs in the city.

In light of the Ministry of Interior’s instructions prohibiting the killing of stray dogs and animals in any form, local officials face a challenge in finding alternative humane solutions to deal with this escalating problem.

Several options are available to address the issue of stray dogs in a humane and effective manner simultaneously. Among the proposed solutions is the establishment of a special shelter for these animals that provides them with the necessary care and protects citizens from their potential risks.

It is the duty and responsibility of the community to work, in cooperation with animal welfare associations, to develop a comprehensive plan that includes sterilizing stray dogs and vaccinating them against diseases, along with awareness programs for citizens on how to deal with these animals.

For their part, residents of the Tariq neighborhood and other areas in Fez called on local authorities to act quickly to protect citizens from the danger of stray dogs, stressing that the current situation poses a threat to their safety and the safety of their children.

The issue of stray dogs remains a major challenge facing local authorities in Fez and other Moroccan cities, given the need to find a balance between protecting citizens and dealing humanely with these animals.

Source: Fez News website

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