These are the Replacements for Hamid Chabat and His Wife After Their Dismissal Based on Law No. 59.11

According to the legal procedures in place, it is expected that Hamid Chabat and Fatima Tariq will be replaced, following their dismissal, by the next candidates in the order of the original nomination list. Consequently, Hamid Chabat will be replaced by parliamentarian Raouf Abdelaoui Maan, a surgeon, while Nadia Jaridi, a teacher, will replace Fatima Tariq.

The city of Fez witnessed a significant political development with the dismissal of the former Secretary-General of the Istiqlal Party, Hamid Chabat, and his wife Fatima Tariq from the membership of the Fez City Council. This decision was based on Law No. 59.11 concerning the election of members of territorial councils.

According to the information received, the urban area of Bensoda issued two decisions dismissing Chabat and Tariq from their positions in the Fez City Council in the Zouagha district. This decision was made during the regular session of the council held on May 7, 2024.

It’s worth noting that Chabat and Tariq had run on the “Democratic Forces Front” list under the slogan “Dignity First, Fez First” in the September 8, 2021 elections. Chabat held the position of list agent, while Tariq was the agent for the women’s list.

The original nomination list included 22 male candidates and 11 female candidates, representing various professional and social categories in the city.

This change in the composition of the Fez City Council may affect the political balance within the council, especially with the exit of a prominent political figure like Hamid Chabat. It is expected that those interested in local affairs will closely monitor the impact of these changes on the council’s performance and future decisions.

This step remains an indicator of the political dynamics in Morocco and the application of laws governing collective action, which reinforces the principle of accountability in local administration.

Source: Fes News

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