Morocco Prepares for Severe Heat Wave

Rabat – Sources from the National Meteorological Directorate report that Morocco is set to experience a significant rise in temperatures in the coming days, signaling a heat wave that may break new records.

After a period of relative moderation in temperatures, which did not exceed 30 degrees Celsius in recent days, the country is expected to witness a gradual increase in temperatures starting from tomorrow, Tuesday.

According to forecasts, the southeastern regions and interior areas of the southern provinces will be affected by severe heat. High temperatures are also expected in the eastern regions and interior plains. The northern and central Atlantic coasts and the Mediterranean coast will experience low cloud formation accompanied by morning and night fog.

Temperatures are expected to continue rising from Wednesday and throughout the rest of the week, with predictions of relatively hot weather in the interior plains, eastern and southeastern regions, and inside the southern provinces.

Meteorological experts have warned of the potential impacts of the heat wave on public health, agriculture, and water resources, urging residents to take necessary precautions such as drinking sufficient amounts of water and avoiding intense physical activities during peak hours, with special attention to vulnerable groups like children and the elderly.

The experts pointed out that these climatic fluctuations are typical of current climate changes, where the Azores High plays a pivotal role in directing humid currents from the north towards the interior and central regions, while the southern provinces are often affected by hot air masses coming from the Sahara.

The experts concluded by emphasizing the need for vigilance and preparedness for harsh weather conditions, calling on authorities and citizens to cooperate to mitigate the effects of the heat wave on public health and the environment.

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