Fes Court of Appeal Issues Strict Sentence in Minor Incitement Case: Four Months’ Imprisonment for “Shr Kbbi Atay” Song Creators

Fes, July 2, 2024 – In a move reflecting utmost seriousness in combating cybercrime and protecting minors, the Fes Court of Appeal has issued a strict sentence in the controversial case involving defendants Amine El Mahboubi and Youssef El Melyani. The verdict came in file number 51/2638/2024 at its appellate stage, where the defendants were convicted of inciting minors under eighteen to prostitution, inciting the commission of a felony or misdemeanor through electronic means that meet the condition of publicity, and participation in these acts.

In the context of this ruling, the court sentenced the defendants to four months of enforceable imprisonment, noting that the defendants are being prosecuted while in custody.

This decision comes after the Fes Court of First Instance, in a previous public session, found the defendants, creators of the song “Shr Kbbi Atay”, guilty. The court had sentenced rapper Youssef El Melyani (45 years old) and his song partner Amine El Mahboubi to two years of enforceable imprisonment each, a fine of 500 dirhams, and ordered the deletion of the video from YouTube.

These verdicts reflect the judicial authorities’ determination to firmly address such crimes, affirming their commitment to protecting vulnerable groups and society from electronic risks and incitement to criminal acts.

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Source: Fes News

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