The Fes-Meknes-Taza Regional Council Announces Important Road Projects to Reduce Isolation in Rural Areas of the Taza Province

Today, the Fes-Meknes-Taza Regional Council announced a series of important road projects aimed at reducing isolation in rural areas of the Taza Province. This initiative is part of ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure and promote local development in remote areas.

The most notable announced projects include:

The Road Connecting the Maghraoua Center to the Tisdal and Sarij Villages:

  • Road length: 12 kilometers
  • Financial budget: 18 million dirhams (1.8 billion centimes)
  • The technical study for the project was completed last year by the commune
  • This project is considered vital and important for the residents of the area

The Road Connecting Jami’ Boulaala to the Regional Road No. 5436:

  • Connects the Maghraoua commune with the Lmkhatt and Boulibib villages in the Tazrien commune
  • Road length: 3 kilometers
  • Financial budget: 5 million dirhams (500 million centimes)

Rehabilitation and Strengthening of the Road Between Tahla and Bouzmlane:

  • Targeted segment length: 14 kilometers
  • The project aims to improve road quality and facilitate travel between the two towns

Officials praised the significant role played by His Majesty’s representative in the Taza Province in supporting these projects and facilitating their implementation. Thanks were also extended to all those who contributed, whether directly or indirectly, to achieving these accomplishments.

These road projects are expected to contribute to:

  • Improving the travel conditions for residents in the targeted areas
  • Facilitating access to essential services such as healthcare and education
  • Supporting economic activities and encouraging investment in rural areas
  • Enhancing connectivity between various communes and villages in the Taza Province

These initiatives are part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at achieving balanced and sustainable development throughout the region, with a particular focus on rural and remote areas suffering from a lack of infrastructure.

The work on these projects is expected to begin soon, with detailed schedules for each project to be announced later. Local and regional authorities will continue to monitor the implementation of these projects to ensure their completion within the specified timeframes and with the required quality.

Source: Fes News

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