Morocco News Summary for Tuesday: Forest Monster in Ain Chkef, Al Haouz Earthquake, and Meknes Corpse Top Headlines


  • Fes: A dangerous repeat offender targeting women was arrested after committing kidnapping, rape, and robbery crimes in the Ain Chkef forest.

Human Rights:

  • Marrakech: The National Association for the Defense of Human Rights filed a complaint with the King’s Attorney General to investigate allegations of a teacher forging a marriage contract to obtain a position in a school.


  • Meknes: An investigation was opened into the death of a person found hanging from a tree near Sahrig Souani.
  • Sidi Bennour: A local authority official and an assistant were assaulted during a campaign against animal-drawn carts; the attacker was arrested.

Al Haouz Earthquake:

  • Marrakech: Residents of the old city are still waiting for the completion of demolition of their earthquake-damaged houses before reconstruction can begin.

Kingdom’s Beaches:

  • Casablanca: Local affairs experts called for organizing the city’s beaches and ensuring fair access for everyone, following complaints about some people exploiting areas of Ain Diab beach.

Source: Fes News

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