A summer of noxious insects, rabid dogs and snakes in the streets

With the arrival of summer, the city of Fez is experiencing alarming phenomena that pose a threat to public health and safety. Harmful insects, rabid dogs, and even snakes have spread in public streets, raising concerns among residents and exacerbating the health and environmental situation in the city.

Local observers tell Fez News that the main reason behind this situation is the complete collapse of community services. The city is witnessing a noticeable deterioration in cleanliness and public health, with waste accumulating and foul odors spreading, contributing to the attraction and proliferation of harmful insects.

On the other hand, a doctor residing in a university hospital in Fez warned of the danger of rabies resulting from attacks by rabid dogs, especially on children. The doctor emphasized the importance of immediate medical intervention when suspecting any animal-inflicted wound, noting that rabies can be fatal if not dealt with quickly and effectively.

Fez is witnessing hundreds of stray dogs roaming day and night, adding another dimension to the crisis. In the near-total absence of concerned community service authorities, these dogs roam freely, threatening the safety of residents, especially children who are most vulnerable to their attacks.

The problem is not limited to insects and dogs but extends to the appearance of snakes in public streets. Residents have spotted snakes moving freely, raising fears of their venomous bites which can be fatal.

Faced with this worrying situation, voices are rising demanding urgent and immediate intervention from the concerned authorities to improve community services and conduct comprehensive cleaning and disinfection campaigns in the city. Residents are also calling for immediate measures to limit the spread of stray dogs and protect the population from their danger.

In conclusion, the situation in Fez remains concerning and controversial, requiring rapid intervention from responsible parties to protect public health and ensure the safety of residents. The city’s inhabitants hope that necessary measures will be taken as soon as possible to address these dangerous phenomena and limit their negative consequences.

Source: Fez News”

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