Watch out for stray dogs Rabies: A silent killer that threatens humans and animals – how to prevent and act when bitten

Rabies is a serious viral disease that affects mammals, including humans. It is transmitted through bites or scratches from infected animals, with stray dogs being the primary source. In this investigation, we highlight the dangers of this disease, how it spreads, prevention methods, and necessary actions in case of exposure, especially for children.

What is Rabies and How It Spreads

  • Definition: A virus that attacks the central nervous system.
  • Transmission: Bites, scratches, or contact of infected animal saliva with open wounds.
  • Carriers: Mainly dogs, but also cats, foxes, and bats.
  • Incubation period: From two weeks to several months.

Symptoms and Severity

  • Initial symptoms: Fever, headache, nausea.
  • Advanced symptoms: Hallucinations, paralysis, difficulty swallowing.
  • Severity: Nearly 100% fatal after symptoms appear.

Prevention Methods

  • Regular vaccination of pets.
  • Avoiding contact with stray or wild animals.
  • Teaching children safe animal handling.
  • Community awareness campaigns about the disease’s dangers.

Actions to Take After a Bite

  1. Immediately wash the wound with soap and water for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Disinfect the wound with a strong antiseptic like povidone-iodine.
  3. Go to the nearest health center or hospital immediately.
  4. Start receiving the series of anti-rabies vaccines as soon as possible.
  5. If possible, observe the biting animal for 10 days.

Importance of Awareness and Quick Intervention

  • Role of media in spreading awareness.
  • Importance of quick medical intervention in saving lives.
  • Necessity of training medical staff to handle bite cases.

Rabies poses a serious threat to public health, especially in areas with prevalent stray animals. However, with proper awareness and correct preventive measures, the spread of this fatal disease can be limited. Continuous education and quick intervention when exposed to bites remain the first line of defense against this dangerous disease.

Source: Fes News”

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