Morocco launches an innovative physical heritage information system that goes beyond traditional geodatabases to offer a rich interactive experience

A unique physical heritage information system, the first of its kind in the world. This innovative system goes beyond the concept of traditional geodatabases, offering a rich interactive experience in exploring and understanding Morocco’s physical cultural heritage.

This ambitious project aims to provide an integrated platform that allows users to enjoy the world of maps in an innovative and interactive way. It combines modern technology with the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage, allowing for a comprehensive and in-depth view of Morocco’s physical heritage sites.

The platform is characterized by its ability to provide detailed information about heritage sites, supported by interactive maps and high-quality images. It also allows users to explore Morocco’s heritage through virtual journeys, enhancing understanding and appreciation of the country’s cultural and historical richness.

This system is an important step in the field of heritage preservation and documentation, a valuable tool for researchers and those interested in cultural heritage, as well as an attractive way to familiarize the general public with Morocco’s heritage treasures.

To learn more about this innovative system and utilize its services, interested parties can visit its digital platform at

The launch of this system comes as part of Morocco’s ongoing efforts to enhance the protection of its cultural heritage and facilitate access to it, which contributes to strengthening the national cultural identity and supporting the cultural tourism sector in the Kingdom.

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