New unexplained hike in fuel prices in Morocco sparks outrage among consumers

Fuel prices in Morocco are expected to see a new hike starting today, Monday, June 1.

According to Jamal Zrekem, president of Morocco’s National Association of Gas Station Owners and Managers, the price of gasoline will increase by about 33 centimeters, while premium gasoline prices will see an increase of 16 centimeters.

Bouazza Kharrati, president of the Moroccan League for the Protection of Consumer Rights, expressed his surprise at the price hike, describing it as “unjustified.”

In a statement to Alalam newspaper, Kharti warned of the negative impact of this increase on the purchasing power of citizens, noting that all items will see an “enormous and unreasonable” rise as a result.

He also criticized the timing of the increase, noting that some parties are taking advantage of the summer vacation to raise fuel prices, which will have a negative impact on transportation fares as well.

The increase in fuel prices comes at a time when Moroccan citizens are facing increasing economic challenges, raising questions about the impact of this increase on the daily lives of consumers and the Moroccan economy in general.

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