Left-wing coalition sweeps French legislative elections in Morocco, a humiliating defeat for Macron’s party

In a remarkable development, the results of the first round of the French legislative elections showed a clear advantage for the New Popular Front, a left-wing coalition, among French residents in Morocco. This is despite the notable rise of the far right in France itself.

According to official data released by the French Interior Ministry, Karim Ben Cheikh, the candidate of the Left Alliance, won the ninth constituency, which includes the Maghreb and some West African countries.

The leftist coalition scored victories in all six polling stations in Morocco’s main cities, outperforming its rivals from President Macron’s party and the far-right. In the capital Rabat, the coalition’s candidate won 60 percent of the vote, compared to 13.17 percent for Macron’s candidate.

In Casablanca, the kingdom’s economic capital, the party won more than half of the vote (50.57%), while in other cities such as Agadir and Marrakech, the party achieved between 30% and 33% of the vote.

The victory was even more pronounced in the cities of Fez and Tangier, where the leftist coalition won 57.47% and 54.05% of the vote, respectively.

These results reflect a similar trend in the rest of the Ninth Circle, including Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, and some West African countries.

The results come at a time when the far right, represented by the National Rally Party, made a significant progress in the first round of the legislative elections in France. The second and final round of these elections will take place on July 7.

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