Moroccan immigrant in custody on charges of disrupting a flight and threatening the safety of the airplane

A Moroccan immigrant living in Belgium has been remanded in custody by the public prosecutor at the Fez Court of Appeal, Al Masaa reported on Monday. The move comes after he was accused of disrupting a flight by falsely reporting the presence of a bomb and making threats that could jeopardize the safety of an airplane in flight.

According to the newspaper, the accused wanted to travel to his country of residence on the day of the incident, but he did not show up on time, which led to him being prevented from entering the tarmac. This caused him to become angry and get into a dispute with an airport employee.

The newspaper noted that the management of Fez-Saïs Airport filed a complaint with the competent public prosecutor, who instructed the Royal Gendarmerie. The latter opened a judicial investigation into the matter and arrested the suspect.

The accused is expected to be brought before the competent public prosecution on Monday to take the necessary measures against him.

This incident highlights the importance of adhering to safety and security rules at airports, and the consequences of making false statements

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