Close to one of the monster’s victims: “The forest of Ain El chekef is still unsafe and the danger continues”

A person close to the victims of the Ain El Chagaf forest monster confirmed that the forest is still unsafe, noting that the danger persists. She stated that she has friends who have seen gang members in the forest, believed to be African migrants, and has heard of similar attacks.

She thanked the efforts of the intelligence services and the gendarmerie in arresting the monster, calling for their continued efforts to stop the ongoing danger. She also referred to a phone call received by Fes News about these dangerous rumours related to the Ain El Chaqif forest.

A street vendor told Fès News that the forest lacks security, calling on officials to step up their efforts to maintain the security of this public facility.

These statements highlight the urgent need to strengthen security in the area and ensure the safety of citizens who visit the forest for recreation or sports.

Source: Fez News

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