A woman tells Fès News in hysterical tears how the monster of the Ain El chekef forest attacked her for sexual reasons

In a moving interview exclusive to Fès News, one of the victims of the Ain El Chakf forest monster spoke in hysterical tears about her terrifying experience, where she was brutally assaulted by the criminal for sexual reasons. The woman, who refuses to reveal her identity for fear of reprisals, confirmed that there are dozens of victims, and that she is not the only one who suffered from this criminal. She explained that her mental state deteriorated significantly after the incident, which led to her phobia of walking in the forest, an activity she had previously enjoyed.

The victim added that the assault was not only physical, but also had deep psychological effects. She now feels constant fear and anxiety, and is no longer able to lead a normal life as before. She emphasised that many women have been subjected to the same suffering, which makes the situation even more serious and calls for urgent action.

Through her painful story, she hopes to highlight the magnitude of the issue and call on the authorities to step up their efforts to ensure the safety of women in the area. She also hopes that other women will find the courage to speak about their experiences and contribute to exposing this criminal and preventing further attacks.

The victim thanked the joint security coordination between Moroccan intelligence and the Royal Gendarmerie, which guided the arrest of the crimes of this terrifying monster. She expressed her gratitude for the efforts exerted by the security services to protect society and put an end to these heinous crimes.

This story reflects the bitter reality that some women live in the absence of safety in public places that used to be considered safe. Everyone’s eyes remain on the authorities to provide the necessary support to the victims and firmly prosecute the criminals.

Source: Fez News

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