The prosecutor was shocked to hear the monster of Ain El Chaqif re-enacting the crime

In a dramatic and moving scene, the representative of the Public Prosecution witnessed a state of shock during the re-enactment of the crime of the Ain El Chegf monster, who terrorised women in the Ain El Chegf forest. This dangerous criminal, who was arrested by the Royal Gendarmerie in Bensouda, used a frightening white weapon resembling a sharp sword to attack his victims.

The re-enactment of the crime, in the presence of a representative of the Public Prosecution and a large security alert, revealed shocking details of the criminal’s methods of surveillance and assault. The statements made by the criminal during the re-enactment were very shocking, as he explained how he lurked and attacked his victims unexpectedly.

The operation was widely praised by citizens and human rights organisations, who expressed their satisfaction with this important step in fighting crime and ensuring the safety of society. Investigations are ongoing to uncover more details and follow up on the trial of the perpetrator in proportion to the seriousness of the acts he committed.

Source: Fez News

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