Ain El Chaqif forest monster wielded a fearsome sword and emerged from the woods, targeting only women

In an exciting operation, the Royal Gendarmerie in Bensouda arrested one of the most dangerous criminals who terrorised women exercising in the Ain El Chakf forest. This criminal, nicknamed the monster of the Ain El Chakf forest, was not only assaulting women, but also brutally molesting and raping his victims.

According to the crime scenes, the perpetrator used a large white weapon resembling a sharp sword. He lurked in the trees and would suddenly pounce on his victims after spotting them. This horrifying method made the women feel great fear and prompted them to file urgent complaints to the authorities.

The crime was re-enacted amidst a high security alert in the presence of a representative of the Public Prosecution. This event was documented with a series of photos and videos that highlight the efforts of the Royal Gendarmerie in apprehending this dangerous criminal and ensuring the safety of citizens.

According to informed sources, the investigation into this case began after receiving several reports from women who had been assaulted in the same area. A special team was formed to track down the perpetrator using advanced investigation and surveillance techniques. After collecting sufficient evidence, the criminal was identified and located, the location was raided and he was arrested without any injuries. Investigations revealed that the perpetrator had a criminal record in similar cases.

The operation was widely praised by citizens, who expressed their satisfaction with this important step in the fight against crime. Human rights organisations also praised the efforts made to ensure the rights and safety of women in society. Investigations are still ongoing to find out more details about these crimes and to pursue the prosecution of the perpetrator commensurate with the seriousness of the acts he committed.

Source: Fez News

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