The Royal Gendarmerie of Bensouda succeeds in arresting the most dangerous criminal specialized in assaulting, harassing and raping women in the Ain El Chakf forest

In a qualitative operation, the Royal Gendarmerie in Bensouda arrested one of the most dangerous criminals specialised in assaulting, harassing and raping women who play sports in the Ain El Chakf forest.

The re-enactment of the crime took place amid a high security alert, with a representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office present to follow this important procedure. The event was documented with a series of photos and videos to illustrate the details of the incident and the efforts made to apprehend the perpetrator.

This security achievement reflects the continuous efforts of the Royal Gendarmerie in protecting citizens and ensuring their safety, as all available resources were used to achieve this success. Many women who used to play sports in this forest expressed their relief after the arrest of the criminal, which reinforces confidence in the security services.

It is worth mentioning that this operation came after a series of complaints from victims, which necessitated quick and effective action by the Royal Gendarmerie. These efforts were successful thanks to the close co-operation between the various security agencies and local authorities.

This operation sends a clear message to all those who are tempted to commit crimes and violate the rights of others that the law will catch up with them, and that the security services will not hesitate to do their duty to protect the community.

Full details of the investigation
According to informed sources, the investigation into this case began after receiving several reports from women who were assaulted in the same area. A special team was formed to track down the perpetrator, using advanced investigation and surveillance techniques.

After gathering sufficient evidence, the security services were able to identify the identity and location of the criminal, and the location was raided and he was arrested without any injuries. Preliminary investigations showed that the perpetrator had a criminal record in similar cases.

The operation was widely praised by citizens, who expressed their satisfaction with this important step in the fight against crime. Human rights organisations also praised the efforts made to ensure the rights and safety of women in society.

Investigations continue to find out more details about these crimes and to pursue the prosecution of the perpetrator commensurate with the seriousness of the acts he committed.

Source: Fez News

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