Opposition succeeds in postponing the June session of the Fes Meknes Chamber of Handicrafts

The opposition consisting of 46 members of the Chamber of Handicrafts of Fes Meknes succeeded in postponing the June ordinary session, after the president was forced to postpone it due to the lack of a quorum. Out of 82 members, only 36 attended, which raised many questions, especially after members of the party to which the president belongs rebelled and lined up with the opposition, surprising the president and those with him.

It seems that this decision will have other dimensions, as the opposition and some members of the bureau have suffered from the president’s unilateral decisions for a long time. Some insiders indicate that this postponement may have a negative impact on the president and his supporters, especially after the opposition and the president warned of the importance of giving each region and commune its right to make the necessary decisions as elected members, while activating important committees such as the finance committee.

It should be noted that the Administrative Court of Appeal had previously decided to cancel the election of Abdelmalek Boutiene as president of the Chamber of Handicrafts in the Fès-Meknes region, in a final judicial ruling issued after the file was referred again by the Administrative Chamber of the Court of Cassation. This ruling was issued on 7 November 2023 after upholding the appeal ruling against the primary school certificate submitted by Hicham Meroun, the agent of a list not affiliated with the symbol of hostility, indicating that the current president does not have the primary certificate that entitles him according to the law to compete for the presidency.

The day of the next session, which was postponed due to lack of quorum, is expected to be an extraordinary day for the members of the Chamber who have shown their determination to pursue a policy of change and transparency.

From the website: Fez News

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