Parents of baccalaureate students call for lowering the threshold for passing the exams

In a development that has sparked widespread debate in educational circles, many parents of Baccalaureate students have expressed their displeasure at the decision to raise the threshold for passing the exams from 12 to 13 this year.

A number of parent representatives said that this sudden decision has caused great frustration for many students and their families, especially those who faltered in one subject.

The parents added: “We call on the ministry to reconsider this decision and lower the threshold to 12 marks as in previous years, in order to maintain the principle of equal opportunities for all students.”

The parents warned that this decision may push many students to consider studying abroad, emphasising that “our beloved country needs all its sons and daughters to contribute to its construction and development.”

In conclusion, the parents emphasised that they look forward to a quick and positive response from the ministry, hoping to find a solution that takes into account the interests of the students and ensures that their educational journey continues within the country.

The decision has sparked widespread debate about the assessment criteria in the baccalaureate system and its impact on students’ futures, amid calls for a comprehensive review of the exam and university admission system.

From the website: Fez News

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