Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports announces the highest national averages in the 2024 baccalaureate exams

Fez, Morocco – 29 June 2024

The Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports announced on Friday the highest national averages recorded in the regular session of the Unified National Baccalaureate Examination (June 2024 session), by stream.

Scientific divisions:

Mathematical Sciences “A”: 19.45, shared by Mohamed Yassine El Banoury from Rabat and Malak Zaid from Ibn M’sik.

Mathematical Sciences “B”: 19.32, for student Bilal Bahshani from Sidi El Bernoussi municipality.

Physical Sciences: 19.62, shared by Lina Amani from Moulay Rachid Municipality and Amira Balkouchi from Sidi Bernosi Municipality.

Life and Earth Sciences: 19.19, for Fatima Zahraa Aglimi from Sidi Bernoussi Municipality.

Agricultural Sciences: 16.82, for Mariam Bentriq from El Hajeb Municipality.

Technical divisions:

Electrical Sciences and Technologies: 19.35, for Hassan Anouari from the Rahamna Municipality.

Mechanical Sciences and Technologies: 18.59, for Mohamed Amine El Ghamouri from the Ain El Chaq municipality.

Economic Sciences: 19.20, for Aya Ou Haddouche from El-Ayoun Municipality.

Accounting Management Sciences: 19.01, for Basma Boussouf from Sidi Bernoussi Municipality.

Applied Arts: 17.47, for Rihab Al-Qadi from the municipality of Settat.

Literary divisions:

Arts: 18.72, for Adam Aarab from Tetouan Municipality.

Humanities: 18.54, for Emad Bounichan from Al Houz municipality.

Legal Sciences: 17.77, for the student Yasser Al-Toumissi from Nawasir municipality.

Arabic Language: 15.06, for Leila Shahboun from the Al Hoceima municipality.


The averages were calculated based on 20.

Courses in which no candidate scored at least 18 were not counted.


Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports

End of story.

Additional notes:

Pupils in the science streams achieved the highest averages at the national level, with averages ranging from 16.82 to 19.62.

Female students were the top scorers in the scientific divisions, ranking first in Mathematical Sciences A and Life and Earth Sciences.

The Sidi El Bernoussi municipality was characterised by the highest number of students with the highest scores, ranking first in 3 science streams.

The averages recorded in the technical divisions ranged between 17.47 and 19.35.

Female students excelled in the Accounting Management Sciences stream, where they ranked first.

The averages recorded in the literary divisions ranged between 15.06 and 18.72.

Students ranked first in all tracks of the literary divisions.

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