In the words of King Mohammed VI. Memories of his mother, Lalla Latifa Amahzoun, the “Mother of Princes”

“I’m very attached to my mum, my brother and my three sisters. I myself am half Amazigh. It would be denying part of my culture and origins if I didn’t. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Amazigh because it wasn’t part of my curriculum, but I would love to be able to find the time to learn it. Morocco is a mix of cultures.”

With these words, King Mohammed VI spoke about his mother Lalla Latifa, who passed away today, Saturday 29 June 2024, in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro in 2005. This was the only time the king spoke about his family, including his mother.

Moroccans did not know much about King Mohammed VI’s mother Latifa Amazoun, who passed away, and did not recognise her photos like other princesses in the palace. The only photo she appeared in was during the wedding of her daughter Lalla Hasnaa, where she was looking at the face of her daughter, the bride, so her face was not fully visible.

Princess Lalla Latifa Amazoun, the mother of King Mohammed VI, Prince Moulay Rachid, and Princesses Lalla Hasnaa, Lalla Asmaa, and Lalla Meryem, hails from the Amazigh region of Zayan in the centre of the kingdom. She is the daughter of a senior sheikh of the Zayan tribe.

She was born as Fatima Hamou, and the late King Hassan II chose the name Latifa for her. She is the daughter of Mouha Ouhamo Zayani, one of the leading resistance leaders of the Zayan Amazigh tribe. She married Hassan II in 1961 and is the mother of his five children.

Although she was the wife of the king and the mother of the heir to the throne, she remained in the shadows and had no official duties, and was known as the mother of princes. Her nickname inside the palace was “Lalla Om Sidi”.

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