Lalla Latifa Amahzoun: A life in the shadows and a legacy of giving

Information about the life of Princess Lalla Latifa, the mother of King Mohammed VI, is very limited, reflecting her secretive personality and her keenness to stay out of the spotlight throughout her life.

According to the available data, the late princess preferred to live out of sight, dedicating her life to her family and away from the media clamour. This approach was reflected in the lack of public appearances and press statements throughout her career.

The sources indicated that after the death of King Hassan II in 1999, Princess Lalla Latifa chose to divide her time between her residence in the Palm Road in Marrakech, Morocco, and her home in the upscale suburb of Neuilly in Paris, France.

Analysts believe that this low-profile lifestyle contributed to preserving the prestige and dignity of the royal family, and reflected the princess’s keenness to not interfere in the country’s political affairs, leaving the way for her son, King Mohammed VI, to lead the country.

Despite the scarcity of information about her personal life, Princess Lalla Latifa’s influence was evident in raising her children and instilling family values within the royal palace. Her pivotal role in keeping the royal family together has been praised by many close associates.

In conclusion, it seems that the mystery surrounding Princess Lalla Latifa’s life was a personal choice, reflecting her desire to preserve her privacy and that of her family. This approach to life will remain part of her legacy and will be remembered by Moroccans with respect and appreciation.

From the website: Fez News

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