Princess Lalla Latifa Amahzoun’s life highlights

  1. Upbringing and family:
    Born in 1946 in Morocco, Princess Lalla Latifa Amahzoun comes from an old and respected Amazigh family. She grew up in an environment characterised by traditional values and dedication to the country and family.
  2. Marriage to King Hassan II:
    In 1961, she married His Majesty the late King Hassan II. This marriage marked an important milestone in her life, as she became part of the Moroccan royal family.
  3. Motherhood:
    Princess Lalla Latifa Amahzoun had five children: His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, Prince Moulay Rachid, and Princesses Lalla Meryem, Lalla Asmaa, and Lalla Hasnaa. She had a prominent role in raising her children and instilling national and religious values in them.
  4. Support for the royal family:
    Princess Lalla Latifa played an important role in supporting King Hassan II during his reign, especially in the areas of family and women. She was keen to preserve the traditions and customs of the Moroccan royal family and was considered a role model for Moroccan women.
  5. Commitment to national and religious values:
    Throughout her life, Princess Lalla Latifa was characterised by her commitment to national and humanitarian values and the guidelines of the Islamic religion. She was a symbol of sophistication and good morals in Moroccan society.
  6. Death:
    She passed away on Saturday, 29 June 2024, corresponding to 22 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445 AH. With her death, the Kingdom of Morocco lost an important and symbolic figure.

Princess Lalla Latifa Amahzoun remains a symbol of an authentic Moroccan woman, who gave so much to her family and her country. We ask God Almighty to have mercy on her, and to grant her family and loved ones patience and solace.

May God have mercy on her and grant her family patience and solace.

Fes News staff

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