The Minister of Justice signs a partnership and cooperation agreement between the Muhammadiyah Foundation for Social Works for Judges and Employees of Justice and the House of Representatives +(Photos)

A partnership and cooperation agreement was signed on Thursday at the House of Representatives between the Mohammedia Foundation for Social Works for Judges and Justice Employees and the House of Representatives.

The signing was supervised by Abdellatif Wahbi, Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, and Rachid Talbi Alami, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

This agreement aims to strengthen and consolidate cooperation between the two institutions within the framework of a fruitful partnership, allowing the staff of the House of Representatives to benefit from the various services provided by the Foundation, especially in the social, recreational, cultural and scientific fields.

According to the terms of this agreement, employees of the House of Representatives will benefit from all the social services provided by the Mohammedia Foundation under the same conditions applied to all members of the justice and prison sectors.

These services include access to the facilities of the Foundation’s clubs and vacation centers, according to the available possibilities and at the same cost applied to the Foundation’s members.

The agreement also includes a range of other services and privileges, such as organizing seminars, lectures and study days of a cultural, scientific and intellectual nature in fields of common interest, according to an annual program agreed upon between the two institutions.

This initiative aims to enhance cooperation and integration between the two institutions and provide a stimulating work environment for the employees of the House of Representatives, which supports their professional and cultural growth and contributes to improving the quality of their social life.

This agreement comes to emphasize the commitment of both the House of Representatives and the Mohammedan Foundation for Social Works for Judges and Justice Employees to provide best practices and services to their employees, which contributes to supporting their professional and personal careers, and enhancing their sense of belonging and solidarity.

Source : Fes News Media

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