Gendarmerie unravels the mystery of the murder of two lovers after an attempted rape

The Taroudant gendarmerie managed to solve the murder of a young man in his twenties and his girlfriend. Investigations led to the identification and arrest of the main suspect, followed by the arrest of two other suspects suspected of involvement in this heinous crime.

Preliminary information indicates that the crime may be linked to an attempted rape. The young victim tried to defend his girlfriend, but was fatally stabbed in the neck area. As for the girl, she was strangled to death after trying to resist her attackers.

The suspects were taken into custody to complete the investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecution. The investigation aims to uncover all the circumstances and circumstances of this horrific crime that shook the region.

This successful security operation confirms the vigilance and efficiency of the Royal Gendarmerie in combating crime and protecting the security of citizens. It also emphasises the importance of cooperation between the various security and judicial agencies in tackling serious crimes and achieving justice.

From the website: Fez News

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