Friday and weekend news roundup: Overcrowding crisis in Moroccan prisons and solving a grisly double murder in Taroudant

Overcrowding crisis in Moroccan prisons:

Morocco suffers from severe prison overcrowding, with more than 100,000 prisoners and a capacity of only 64,000 beds.

The overcrowding is attributed to the high rate of pretrial detention (38 per cent) and short prison terms.

Stakeholders are calling for the rationalisation of pretrial detention as an exceptional measure.

Unravelling the mystery of a horrific murder in Taroudant:

The main suspect in the murder of a 20-year-old man and his girlfriend has been arrested by the Taroudant gendarmerie.

Investigations indicate that the crime is related to rape, where the victim resisted the rapists, was stabbed and his lover was killed by strangulation.

The suspects are being held in custody until the circumstances of the crime are revealed.

Dismantling a criminal network for drug trafficking in El Jadida:

The Judicial Police in El Jadida managed to dismantle a criminal network active in the trafficking of narcotics and psychotropic substances.

Quantities of cocaine, shira and 2950 hallucinogenic tablets were seized from the detainees.

The suspects are in police custody and the search is ongoing for the rest of the suspects.

Severe water shortage in Tata province:

The water situation in the Tata region has become complicated, prompting the authorities to take urgent measures.

The regional governor issued a decree banning the granting of new drilling licences or the expansion of existing licences in irrigated areas.

Sensitisation campaigns are carried out to rationalise water consumption and protect water resources.

Discussing the prospects of partnership between Morocco and France:

The French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) organised a discussion with Morocco’s Ambassador to Paris, Samira Sitaille, on the prospects for a strategic partnership between the two countries.

Sitaille emphasised Morocco’s African orientation and its strong ties with African countries.

The discussions aimed to strengthen co-operation between Morocco and France in various fields.

From the website: Fez News

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